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IMG_2416It gives your school the chance to put us to the test, and us a chance to show you the quality and excellence of our teaching and coaching, delivered in partnership with local Primary Schools throughout South East Kent, over the last 15 years.

You can choose which sports you would like us to deliver, which classes you would like us to coach, and the style of delivery which would suit your children.

We can take curricular based PE lessons, working in line with the national curriculum for sport in Primary Schools, delivering excellence in all areas, not only in the activities but also in essential areas we believe create a positive learning experience through effective communication, good group control and detailed lesson plans or we can re-create sessions more in line with our extra-curricular clubs to enable you to see the level and standards we employ, as well as the flexibility of our staff.  We also have extensive experience of working with special needs and children with learning difficulties.

If you would like to find out how HIGH5SPORTS can help your school

Please contact: info@high5sports.co.uk Tel: Mark on 07971 127 392

Physical Education

What Schools say about us

hi5-gym (1 of 1) touched up a“Mark has been employed at St Patrick’s CE as a regular PE Teacher for four years; providing PPA cover as well as extra curricular lessons in football, basketball and gymnastics and Family Sports.  Mark has demonstrated excellence in all roles.  He is dedicated to his profession and works extremely hard, is always punctual and polite.”  

S Holohan, Head Teacher, St Patrick’s CE Primary School

“From September Mark has provided quality PPA cover for both keystages in school and continues to deliver high quality sport instruction.  He is well organised and provides comprehensive, detailed plans for the lessons he is delivering.  He has built up a good relationship with staff and the children.  I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to deliver sports sessions and PPA cover in your school.”

HL Blakeley, Head Teacher, Heversham St Peters CE Primary School

Planning, Preparation, Assessment Cover:

Since thHigh 5_0238e inception of Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) in 2005, HIGH5SPORTS has been working alongside schools to meet the curriculum demands placed upon them.

Our reputation is second to none in providing high quality, long-term solutions to the curricular staffing needs in local primary schools since 2001.  As HIGH5SPORTS are sports specialists, we promise you can be safe in the knowledge that your school is not just meeting government targets for PE but surpassing them.

We supply structured lesson plans with specific learning outcomes that address both young people’s and curriculum needs – covering all sporting activity areas.  We work flexibly with all schools to support them in achieving their goals, contributing towards the school, its values, ethos and standards.

All coaches who deliver lessons within the curriculum will provide an individual child assessment of learning progress which schools can use as part of their reporting process.

Our qualified staff can cover all elements of school PE national curriculum and enrichment activities these include gymnastics & dance activity (creative development), net and wall games, striking and fielding games, invasion games and athletic activity.

The strength of our team is that we are able to provide a wide range of expert physical activity and sporting lesson support that will contribute to a pupil’s learning, well-being, independence, excitement and engagement – with fun, innovation, knowledge, and quality at the heart of everything we do.

Physical Education Enrichment

Our highly qualified physical activity and sport specialists work alongside teachers offering new ideas and model lessons to help up-skill the workforce to ensure all pupils are engaged and challenged to learn through carefully designed tasks.  We will help and guide teachers to reach children who have problems engaging and will share effective ways of finding ways to differentiate learning ideas with individuals and groups within PE lessons and sport activities. We can also assist with sport skill specific improvement through the design and delivery of programmes to suit the ability of each child.

If you would like to find out how HIGH5SPORTS can help your school

Please contact:  info@high5sports.co.uk Tel: Mark on 07971 127 392


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