Important information for all parents

We take child safety very seriously and take every precaution to ensure your child is within a safe environment throughout the course of each day. With this in mind all High 5 Sports coaches have undergone in-house training covering the following areas :

  • Risk assessments
  • Communication, Awareness & Group Control
  • Coaching drills, mini games
  • Codes Of Conduct
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Sun Safety Code
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Signing in & Out Procedures

In addition to our detailed training programme all coaches and coaching assistants go through a vetting procedure including: application, verification of identity, an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check with DBS; formally called: Criminal Records Bureau as well as four character references for each coach.


Our male and female staff are carefully selected for their maturity, personality, caring attitude and experience in sport. They are also outstanding in their ability to relate to and motivate young people. Our coaches codes of conduct have been designed and approved by the FA (Football Association). The coaching ratios we work to are 1:16, which are also the FA recommended ratios for running soccer schools. All coaching staff participate in our High 5 Sports training programme, equipping them with detailed knowledge of our excellent safety procedures and company policies, as detailed in our coaching manuals.


High 5 Sports has full insurance cover with the National Coaching Foundation.


Every staff member or assistant has undergone a DBS Enhanced Check (formally called: Criminal Records Bureau). We also have qualified first aiders at every event.


We have detailed risk assessments for running our soccer schools and Multi Sports Fun Days. In addition to this we carry out a daily risk assessment of the venue and play areas to ensure your child is safe during their time with us.


One of the most important aspects of the High 5 Sports Activities is the safe, fun participation of everyone in each of the sessions. In order to secure this there are rules of conduct that are essential for everyone to abide by. Camp rules are explained every morning and any serious violation of the activity rules (like fighting or bullying, damage to facilities, High 5 Sports equipment, disrespect to coaches or other behaviour deemed detrimental to the group) will result in a phone call to the parents and possible dismissal from the days. If a child is dismissed from the activities, or withdraws from the camp, there will be no refund.


On arrival, please register your child(ren) at the registration tables with the sports coach near to the sports field.


Football kit /(t-shirt, shorts, socks & shin pads), (Sports kit for the Fun Days) football boots and trainers, tracksuit or warm clothing, light waterproof jacket, snacks for break time, packed lunch & lots of drink and any prescribed medication.


‘Signing in’ will take place from 9:00-9:30am every morning. All parents must also sign their children out at the end of each day on the register, which will be found on the registration table. If your child will be collected by another parent or friend they can sign on your behalf, although please inform us prior to their arrival. Extra hours from 8:30am-3:30pm are available for working parents for an additional cost of £3/child/day.


We are extremely grateful to Mrs Tait and the staff of Sandgate Primary School for the use of the school facilities over the years. In the light of this High 5 Sports please ask that all children and parents respect the school staff, grounds, facilities and equipment. In regards to parking at the front of the school please park in such a way that is safe and does not obstruct other vehicles, exits, entrances and please no parking on the grass. Parking on the playground is also not allowed.


Sandgate Primary gates are locked each day straight after the last parent leaves after signing in to ensure your child is in a secure and safe environment. If, for any reason you will be arriving early or need to pop back at lunch time please inform staff so that we are aware and can open up for you.


All parents are invited to the award ceremony which will take place at 2:30pm on the final day, this will last aprox 30 minutes.


Register with children’s names, ages and any medical conditions are created for each of our activity days. Please ensure your Mobile telephones are switched on for the duration of the whole day. Parents phones need to be on at 8.00am in case we need to contact you before the start of the day.


In the event of wet weather we will use the Folkstone School for Girls sports hall.


Thriughout the summer holiday the majority of our activity take place in the great outdoors. We take your children wellfare very seriouly and are delighted to inform you that we are members of the ” Outdoor kids sun safety code “. Children need to be protected from the harmful effects of the sun as even one incidence of sunburn can impact on the likelihood of developing melanoma when older. Further to this, we will be following guidelines from the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code.
Protecting Future Generations
As we can’t do it without your help, may we kindly ask that you read the follow these guidelines whilst your child attends our sessions throughout this year:

  1.  Equip with a hat and sunglasses (to be worn when appropriate).
  2.  Apply SPF 30+ before your child arrives.
  3.  Equip with a bottle of SPF 30+ UVA/UVB sun screen (labelled with their name) so they can reapply during the day. If your child has an allergy to either the sun or sunscreen or difficulty in applying, please make a member of staff aware so that an effective sun protection plan can be agreed.
  4.  Supply a water bottle to ensure that children are hydrated.
  5.  Lead by example and explain to your children the importance of avoiding sunburn.

Please note: If your child has any individual disabilities or issues that you feel we need to take into account in relation to their ability to follow advice about sun safety or drink regularly unaided, please make a member of staff aware on arrival.
Once children are in our care we will be making sure that we:

  • PrintProvide shade at lunchtimes
  • Ask children to re-apply sunscreen through out the day
  • Ensure they understand the importance of hydration
  • Lead by example and also educate on why sun protection is important



If for any reason you are going to be delayed in collecting your child, or if someone else will be collecting your child on your behalf, please contact us as soon as you can.


We take great care to ensure that your children do not mislay their belongings whilst they are on the camps with us. However, it helps if everything is labeled. Please note we only keep lost property for a limited period, after which it will be donated to a charity.


If your child withdraws from the course less than 7 days before the start date the full course fee will be forfeited, as late cancellation will often affect the viability of the course itself and lead to others being disappointed, refunds can only be considered exceptional. We reserve the right to cancel a course with insufficient numbers, in which case we will offer an alternative course, or, if unacceptable, give a complete refund.


We do not accept responsibility for death, personal injury or loss of or damage to property save to the extent that it results from our negligence or the negligence of our coaching staff.


If there are any problems please call Mark at the High 5 Sports office on 07971 127 39207971 127 392 – mobile. We are here to help and would prefer to know of any problems straight away.




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